Preclinical models

Respiratory viruses have considerable potential for rapid mutation and spread throughout the world, which imposes an urgent need for new rapid response strategies for effective containment and control. There is an ongoing need for a better understanding of their evolution and functional impact on the host.
Depending on investigated therapeutic areas, the type of candidates developed, or searching for a specific service or expertise, our experts fit to your request and your needs. They assist you in the development of in vitro or in vivo protocols and implementation of studies for high-quality delivery.​

In vitro model of infection

In vitro developed and fully characterized cell line infection models for respiratory viruses.

Human airway models of infection

Models of infection of 3D reconstituted human lung tissue for high fidelity evaluation against respiratory viruses.

In vivo model of infection

Preclinical in vivo models of infection to evaluate the efficacity and safety of candidates.