Virus library

Virnext has expertise in the isolation and amplification of clinical respiratory viral strains and relies on several partnerships with hospitals and its BSL-2 and BSL-3 facilities. Virnext provides an extensive collection of respiratory viruses, including wild-type reference and recent clinical strains and recombinant viruses expressing reporter genes. 


Below a non-exhaustive list of virus strains, please contact us for available strains and for additional information.

Influenza Virus

• A/H1N1 strains, including pandemic strains from 2009
• A/H3N2 strains
• B/Yamagata strains
• B/Victoria strains
• H1N1 human strains resistant to antivirals (see Virology services)
• Avian and swine strains


• Wuhan-like
• Variants of concern
• Variants of interest


• HMPV A strains
• HMPV B strains


• RSV A strains
• RSV B strains

Other respiratory viruses

• Coronavirus (229E, OC43)
• Parainfluenza virus
• Adenovirus
• Enterovirus
• Rhinovirus