Human Airway Models of Infection

For high fidelity virus/drug evaluation, particularly in the case of respiratory viruses, Virnext accomplishes complete evaluation of the impact of your compounds on human airway epithelium models (HAE), 3D reconstituted lung tissue from primary basal and epithelial cells (Epithelix®). HAE are cultured at the air liquid interface and differentiated from single or pool of healthy donors, with mucus production and clearance, secretion of defensive molecules. These are relevant human models, and permit to test compound in comparable conditions to the in vivo situation.
Virnext has developed several well-documented infection models (see Publications) in nasal or bronchial MucilAirTM and SmallairTM epithelium infected by influenza virus (H1N1, H3N2), metapneumovirus (RSV, HMPV), SARS-CoV-2 or rhinovirus . Infections are also possible in virus-virus co-infection and with reporter gene viruses.

These infection models are used in routine in our lab and are fully characterized in:

• Monitoring by TEER measurement and reflect state of the epithelium and its fitness during infection or treatment
• Cilia beat
• Viral infection/replication kinetics (short term up to 3 days and long term up to 28 days)
• Viral quantification of apical, basal, or total cellular extract samples by molecular biology and infectious quantification assays (See virus services).
• Modulation of immune gene expression by gene expression assay
• Cytokine release measurements
• Immunostaining of viral and physiological markers by immunochemistry and immunofluorescence.

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