Virus production

With thorough expertise in the field of influenza and pneumovirus production systems, Virnext offers panoply of solutions and deliverables, ranging from specific vaccine antigens to whole infectious or inactivated and splitted viruses (see Virus Library).

According to its specific infrastructures adapted to the handling of pathogenic viruses (BSL-2 and BSL-3), Virnext provides complete characterization of each deliverable (including complete genome sequence), with quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated batches. Packaging is done according to the customer’s requirements, including high concentration/volume viral stocks or small-volume aliquots, depending on the customer’s needs. In-house storage at -80°C is also possible. 

Production systems

  • Adherent cells: A549, A549-ACE2, Hep-2, MDCK, Vero E6, LLC-MK2, HEK 293T, MRC-5…
  • Different scale of production:
    – Classical flasks: 25, 75, 175cm²
    – Hyperflasks: 3-, 5- or 10-layers formats providing 525cm², 875cm² or 1 750cm² respectively
    – Bioreactor: 500 ml to 2L
  • Human airway epithelial cell culture (nasal, bronchial, alveolar)
  • Embryonated hen eggs
  • Custom-adapted production systems


  • Viral supernatant (up to several liters)
  • Concentrated virus
  • Highly purified virus
  • Inactivated virus
  • Split virus
  • Antigens of influenza virus quantified by single radial immuno-diffusion assay (SRID)