About us

Based in Lyon (France), the Technology Research Platform VirNext is a spin-off (EZUS Lyon) of the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL1), which was created within the VirPath laboratory to foster industrial partnerships and enhance translational research. Such connections resulted into a substantial portfolio of patents, transfers of technologies towards the industry, including the conception of several partnership devices, the implementation of clinical trials, and the creation of startups. 

With fully-functional BSL-2 and BSL-3 in-house facilities, VirNext expertise extends to the field of respiratory viruses and provides a large panel of technologies, including the production of high-quality, deeply characterized viruses and viral vaccine antigens in egg and cell-based systems, and services dedicated to the evaluation of prophylactic and therapeutic candidates of by using in vitro (cell lines and reconstituted human airway epithelium) and in vivo models of respiratory virus infections. 

Focusing its efforts in R&D and ensuring constantly new technical skills, VirNext proposes a support in the design of protocols and the implementation of preclinical studies, with reactivity and adapted and customized solutions corresponding to customer needs. 

Our collaborators

Our scientific team is composed by different experience profiles with multidisciplinary skills. The extensive expertises of our collaborators in virology, molecular and cellular biology, immunology, antivirals therapeutics and viral vaccines development and evaluation, allows VirNext to meet your requests and to carry out your services.