The aim of this partnership is to develop innovative experimental methodologies and ambitious logistics for evaluating air treatment technologies and devices in atmospheres contaminated by complex infectious microbiological and virological mixtures. In particular, this Alliance will make it possible to develop mobile and deployable test benches of very large volume (up to 50 m3), enabling the implementation of experimental protocols reproducing real environmental conditions (classrooms, clean rooms, public transport cabins, etc.).

The ambition of IMeBIO and VirexpR, together with their partners ASPIDA, CONIDIA, Groupe TERA, VirPath and Virnext, is to create a French industrial sector of excellence in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, with an international outlook, for the management and prevention of microbiological and virological contamination risks to improve the protection and quality of indoor air in confined environments and cleanrooms (GESPPAIR consortium). In line with the French Health Plan 2030, this consortium is part of the national sovereignty approach to protection against emerging infectious diseases and aims to create technological, medical, economic and societal value.