The aim of this strategic and commercial partnership is to address the major health, economic and societal challenges caused by environmental pollution of indoor air and confined spaces. CONIDIA and VirexpR are combining their respective expertise and logistics to offer a new range of services for assessing the performance of air treatment and respiratory protection technologies and devices in atmospheres contaminated by complex infectious microbiologic and virologic mixtures. This partnership will enable the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to develop a specialized technology offering that is unique in Europe, to meet the unmet needs of manufacturers for the evaluation of their technologies under experimental conditions that mimic different real-life environments (classrooms, cleanrooms, etc.).

The aim of VirexpR and CONIDIA, together with their partners ASPIDA, IMeBIO, Groupe TERA, VirPath and Virnext, is to built a French industrial sector of excellence with an international outlook to contribute to the Management and Prevention of microbiological and virological contamination risks for better Protection and indoor AIR quality in confined environments and cleanrooms (GESPPAIR consortium). In line with the French Health Plan 2030, this consortium is part of the national sovereignty approach to protection against emerging infectious diseases and aims to create technological, medical, economic and societal value.